Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Hamburgers in a former Wool Mill in North Andover, MA.

Sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, you just get an itch to do something new.  A month or so ago, that happened, so with very minimal arm twisting I got my husband to go out for dinner at a spot I had made note of when brunching with my daughter.

I didn't know if it was fancy or not.  Yelp gave it good reviews, especially for drinks and burgers.
This is what its home looked like originally. Jaime's was a  bit higher priced than I expected, but  it was also  upscale in attitude. The food was delicious. We stuck with the burgers (around $15 with fries) -- but didn't feel ripped off because of the presentation and atmosphere. Cooked to perfection.  I sucked up my first no-salt Margarita which probably didn't hurt.  I'm wondering if salt and Margaritas aren't a "thing" in New England. There were plenty of empty tables, with a moderate crowd watching hockey finals on flat screens at the bar.  Our waiter claimed that the sheltered outdoor patio was VERY popular.  (It was very breezy when we were there and the patio was deserted. I can imagine it busy week days  because of the Converse National HQ across the street, along with several smaller businesses, artist lofts, residences,and other development projects.

What may have been the biggest surprise was the small museum of impressive turbines that ran the wool processing equipment in the original mill building.  It would seem that Davis and Furber carding and twining machines are used, even though that company seems to have been bought out or otherwise succumbed soon after Mr. Davis's death in the early 1900's.
 Can you imagine the decibels these would generate if going full speed?


Here's another image I found of the original factory.  The restaurant entry is at street level just to the left of where the flag is. 
Below is the dusk silhouette of the tower on the West side of High Street.  You can see its roof in the etching above, too. 

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