Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back at the easel

 I can't believe it was 6 weeks ago, but that was when my studio art guide resumed guided studio art sessions.  I really enjoy composing, plotting, painting, swiping and wiping SO much!
I haven't titled the painting above, but it's a sort of continuation of the series of metaphorical houses and homes I began while still back in Texas.  If you have suggestions, be sure to let me know.

While I love painting whimsy, I tend to think that painting more traditional subjects teaches me more about the craft.  (This may or not be true. After all, thoughts are not necessarily facts!)

I found a reference photograph from a trip to the Museum of American Art in Ogunquit Maine and am aiming at making the image mine, rather than terribly realistic.  Watch this space to see if I can capture the light, the warmth and the mystery of this scene.

1 comment:

Meg Forest said...

I love the "face" of the yellow house. And somehow, this reminds me of "The Little Engine That Could" - going in the opposite direction. No name yet...