Monday, May 11, 2015

When the Plein Air is Cold and Gusty

 A couple of weeks ago when it seemed Spring might finally be on her way, I joined a number of Nashua Breakfast Club members to do some sketching and/or painting in New Castle, New Hampshire (just south of Portsmouth). Our meeting place was described as "near the Wentworth,.  The Wentworth location has had its ups and downs.  At present, it has been magnificently restored by Marriott and is listed as a spa location.


I wasn't lost, but I needed to wander a little,  which meant that at first, I landed at the wrong state park.

Fort Stark was apparently quite important and busy during WWII.  It won't be open for visitors until after Memorial day. People who wrote reviews either loved or hated the fact that the Fort had been benignly neglected. 

  I got a great view of a lighthouse, though.
When I looked to the Northwest, I realized that what I had thought was a big building was actually a ship!
  "The Carriage House" on Wild Rose Lane looked promising for an architectural rendering. I don't know if it is a B&B or what.  Couldn't find listings for anything with that named that matched what I found.  Besides,  I was still searching for "my people."

 I finally found actual destination was Great Island Common.  
The Common is a public park of about 30 acres.  There are picnic tables, benches, trees, decks, docks and bbq stands. The day WE were there, there was also a bone chilling wind.  So much for Spring!  I did one page of sketches and then said adios and returned to the shelter of my car.

We did take time to pose behind this artists' frame. 
Because of the time of day, lighting, and prevailing wind, the view below was the "best" I could find.  I actually had more fun sketching a painter. 
  Nearer the Wentworth Hotel was a minor street named Campbell's Lane.  There were several large homes on that private road.  They had views of tinny harbor inlets.

 I wish our house was in a location like this.  I'm sure we'd see family members and guests more often.
I did realize that I NEED a stool for sketching. Darling Hubby got me one for Mother's Day!  Yay.  I'm wanting to go back to New Castle and use it!  Might even see if there is a Coast Guard Station tour.

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