Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fever Observations

 Last Thursday it was a beautiful day and I took the long way home.  It wasn't totally sunny or really very warm, but it was "nice."
One of the "long ways home" involves going by one of the Kimball's Farms in the areas.  This one in Haverhill is better known for animals and its corn maze than it is for amusements and ice cream.
To my surprise there were FIVE bison in that area... perhaps two larger than the rest and one smaller.  Couldn't tell if there were more than one generation.  But they were PLAYING! Galloping around, charging each other, chasing each other, and occasionally plopping down on the ground and rolling around getting a dirt bath.  I especially thought the one who gored a hay bale and then shook the hay all over herself was funny.

The goats were relatively calm.  Maybe it's only kids that are crazy.

The alpacas around the corner from us were sniffing the same stuff the bison were. They'd look at me, look at each other, chew some grass and then flop over for a dirt bath.

My version of spring fever is only a mild restlessness.  Certainly I'm not head butting anyone, nor am I taking dirt baths.  But there is a sense of urgency and desire to DO something.

We'll see.

In the meantime, my computer has the grippe and is very slow in "regular" mode.  In "safe" mode it goes fast, but my image editing and uploading programs don't seem to work. I hope it gets straightened out soon.
PS:  Most of computer problems seem to have healed themselves.... But elaborate photo-editing will have to wait until I fix the Adobe Photoshop Licensing Error Glitch.  Thank goodness somebody has posted a step by step fix!

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