Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday Morning's Adventure

Per my weekly routine, I went to the Nashua Artist's Breakfast Club on Wednesday, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but members of the Chelmsford Art Society preparing still life set-ups using vegetables instead of bowls, pots, crystal or whatever. Peggy J is a stalwart and energetic member of CAS and has already been to Trader Joes and purchased an ample supply of vegetables (well, two cabbages) and flowers and greenery.
Turns out she's a pro at delegating, too.  
Mark F (at right above) tackled the Green Cabbage with a pair of scissors.  The hole was a wee bit shallow, but foliage would soon cover that.
Paula M (who confessed to years as a flower arranger for a garden club) bravely attacked the red cabbage with a lettuce knife, made a hole big enough for a free water cup from the B&N cafe, and went to town.

 Turns out Joe had taken flower arranging (in Japan, even!!) and knew that the foliage "should" be about 1 1/2 times as tall as the "vase."  This helped minimizing the random, conflicting and very vocal advise given to Paula.
 She had her own ideas about color and composition and was selective about who she listened to!

 Peter K, above at left, who spends what time  he can in Hawaii (a floral paradise if there ever was one), was fairly quiet, and perhaps had his doubts-- if I read his facial expression correctly.  Since he's always kind, though, he didn't get in anybody's way.
After the "vases" were made and one arrangement done, Peggy cleaned up the fringey fronds.  I had been enjoying the aroma of a feathery dill and modernistic eucalyptus.  I don't think the cafe staff even had to get out their mops!

A job well done!  Head over to   CAS' Facebook page  to see some of the results.

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