Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring is Sproinging!!! FINALLY

I must admit, today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  It was mostly sunny, almost 70 degrees and the breeze was at a minimum.

So I planned to take my not-entirely-positively anticipated "stroll for health" and longevity.  Instead of heading directly for the driveway, I headed for the garden island in the middle of our lawn.  And what should appear before my wonderous eyes but SPROUTS!!

Then I had to turn around and look at the flower beds adjacent the porch and there were MORE SPROUTS!

I wish I'd kept a record of what was where.  (I only found a 2013 Fall entry in my no called Garden Journal).  I expect that the bulbs I planted were mostly more of the same:  Grape Hyacinths (muscari), and possibly regular Hyacinths.  There should also be Iris, Day Lilies, Allium, Hollyhocks, Foxglove and Poppies, but I don't expect them to show up for a while.

Plus, note that really dark hole around the sprouts in the lower right hand corner of the image above?  I believe that is a whole dug by (you pick:) a skunk, squirrel or chipmunk. There's another similar hole to the upper right of the image in the upper left.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  Any suggestions on how to prevent them from eating what I'm planting are most welcome.  (I'd rather they ate the bird seed!)
 I guess they had a long hard winter, too... and are HUNGRY.

Since they seemed to pop up over night, I'm excited to see how much they shoot up tomorrow.

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