Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cabin Fever or DSM? A Meditation for my Sun Belt Friends.

You might have heard, we've had some snow here in New England.  Boston gets the publicity, and probably should, because that's where the population is dense-ist.  (And I mean that in body-per-acre sense).  But our corner of New Hampshire is, literally, in the corner that Massachusetts makes so that they "get" Newburyport Township.  The snow IS beautiful, and quiet.  At first.  I am pretty tired of it by now, and some piles of same are turning a nasty, ugly brown from churned up dirt, sand and salt. Puppy, our cat, is an indoor cat.  But even she was perplexed at the view she had out of the back door.  Usually she can see the far end of the yard, trees, our deck, and the red, waist high railing that runs around the deck.  I'm quite sure SHE couldn't see the railing any more.  I hope it doesn't get buried completely.

The deck on the North Side of the house is my "happy place."  It's what I imagine when I am stressed out, lonely, tired, etc.  But I imagine it in AUGUST!  Not in winter when you might actually freeze your butt off if you sat there for more than a few minutes.  Even with hot tea or cocoa it is NOT my happy place in February.
 Wisely, we contracted with our yard guy and plow man to clear our walkways this year.  Our bill this month is going to be a fortune, but I think it was a good investment in preventing back spasms and cardiac arrest.   To the left and below you can see the depth of the snow.  IT IS ABOVE THE WAIST.

 And if the depth of the snow isn't daunting enough, the longitude ( Latitude, Longitude: 42 51.9' N, 71 02.5' W) we are at means that the front of the house is in shade by about two in the afternoon.  It's a little bit brighter, longer on the South side of the house, but after about three thirty, the trees block the sun.  (Again, not so noticeable when there IS sun and a blue sky.) Sunset today was at 4:11 pm.
 The depth of the snow both below and ON the bird feeder is why I haven't re-filled it for a while.  I'm sure the Jays, Tit-mice, Chickadees and assorted Sparrows are peeved. 

 If you are taller than a cat, this is the view toward the deck from the laundry room.  The big lump is our Weber grill.  Needless to say we won't be barbecuing very soon.  The good news is that our insulation is working and we don't have homicidal icicles or costly ice dams.
We probably could use an expert to dig out our patio table, umbrella and chairs.  Smart New Englanders put these things away at the end of summer.  I was so hoping summer would last longer (and it was actually pretty nice though New Year's) that I got caught flat-footed in January.

Now we've all  heard of Cabin Fever.  I thought I had Cabin Plague.  Or something.  But you know, even if it is "only" Seasonal Affective Disorder, I'm starting my only program to prevent (or treat) depression. If you've got sunshine, celebrate.  If not, make your own, and stay away from the left-over Super Bowl Treats!

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Merilyn Tandukar said...


I love this blog piece and I am commiserating because yes we still have summer. Mind you some days I get the same feeling from not being able to go out because it's too hot! I love your list of hints for depression. It could work for others too. Can I share this with other friends? Amita might even empathise although she is already into spring in Beijing, I have seen daffodils on her FB site.