Sunday, February 15, 2015

Newly Discovered Axiom of Proximity, Ice Dams, Roof Raking and MORE Snow

 It's a good thing I chatted up the postal worker last fall, because I think it has contributed to his willingness to drive through several inches of snow and slush to deliver our mail.  To the left is our 4 foot tall mail box with its snow hat (and blanket).  Our plow man pushes the snow away from the mail box, but the city plows tend to leave snow from the street all around the mail box. You can always tell who came first and who came second.

 And this is our "patio."  If I plan it right next year, perhaps we can have our own icy Taj Mahal and onion domes.  As it is, there are the stalwart bones of a table, chairs, bannisters and "newel" post at the top of the stairs from deck to so-called ground-level.
 Even though it's an alleged holiday, I have an appointment for a roof raker to come tomorrow and rake our roof and try to get rid of the developing ice dams.  Up until today we didn't have any icicles (or ice, so far as I know), but now we do.  And the frozen water can expand, then melt:  INTO YOUR HOUSE.

Note the depth of the snow:  up to the sliding screen door handles.Who knew that a flimsy screen could hold up all that snow.
 This is the north facing door opposite the one above.  I guess our wind was sending drifts northward.

My hero:  The man with the plow.  He told me that this Chevy needed a new transmission this year.  Considering the back and forth and up and down, I'm not surprised.  He really knows how to gun it and make the snow fly.  He even knew how to fix the snow blower when it sheared a pin on some ice.  Who knew they could be so delicate?
Here he's getting a running start up the hill.  Vrooom! Vroom.
 A friend in Australia thought my little bridge and island garden would disappear with all our snow.  I did, too.  But apparently, it is more of a Princess and the Pea kind of situation:  the layers of snow don't level themselves out over the lumps, they just obscure the edges.

And this is proof of the Axiom that the farther away the Snow is, the Prettier it is. 
This is the vista on my way home from doctor visits.  Too bad these fields are so far away from Boston.  There's plenty of room for "snow storage" here.
Above and below are views from Kimball Road between Merrimac and Newton. I'm hoping there will be at least a little green soon.

The shadow line indicates the distance between the top of the snow and the road bed.  At least 4 feet here.

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