Thursday, October 09, 2014

A "Happy Return"

My in-town friend offered to take me to radiation again! (only two more sessions!!!) YAY. It felt like another mini birthday event.

Conversation, laughs and permission to stare out the car window at the profusion of yellow, orange, red, purple and increasingly rare green leaves around here.  After my "zap" we tried a one-of breakfast place called Riverside Cafe.  I didn't realize that it had new owners... but maybe I should have known because there were such over-the-top Fall decorations.  I had no complaints about the food the last time I was there... but it was certainly delish this morning.

The coffee was hot, the orange juice was fresh, the cheese omelet was fluffy and the view (beyond the parking lot) of the Merrimac River, boats and foliage was great.  We even got to see the drawbridge in its UP position.

It is in a repurposed factory building... home of the Towle Silver Company.  (Newburyport had a bustling manufacturing community.) They still have molds for some of the enormous silver serving spoons they made.

I expect that when they were up and running, their employees were livelier than this guy.

I wonder if this is the "old" owner. (I bet it's hard to  keep mascara and lipstick one when one is no skin and ALL bones!)

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journalady® said...

Happy Belated Birthday.
Have been thinking of you so much lately.
Sending you lots of hugs and congrats on being at the end of your treatments . . . What a long road for you. Love, Antoinette