Monday, January 27, 2014

Twice in One Day!

I gave myself a treat last week (when it was NOT snowing!) and visited two favorite galleries.  
The George Marshall Store Gallery was actually in the middle of taking down their Winter Invitational exhibit, but the charming curator, Mary Harding, was there and turned the lights on for me.  Based on the gallery's website, I missed some wonderful paintings.  But look at the ones I DID see!  (Apologies for those paintings which are unattributed.  Sometimes I just get too excited to be a good documentarian.)

Brett Gamache

Lower:  Todd Bezold

Madeleine Hopkins
 I think Madeleine's way with a palette knife is amazing-- sometimes it's water, or rocks or trees.  She definitely recognizes the shapes of the colors.
Lower:  Madeleine Hopkins

Man with Ice Chipper ( Michael Stasiuk)
 I laughed out loud when I saw Stasiuk's Bunny on Bobsled.  Apparently he teaches, does theater sets and likes to teach children.  What a great sense of whimsy.
Gail Spaien

 I can't find this painting paired up with an artist's name.  What attracted me was the way he/she painted the spaces"between" the tree branches-- thus revealing the back ground AND the trees themselves.  Kind of mind boggling.

Amy Brnger "Winter Roses"
 The range of pinks and reds in this... fabulous.
I hope to make THIS into a painting of my own.

And this one, too. 
The Newburyport Art Association is pretty much "on the way home" from York, Maine.  So I stopped into see their Members Juried Show, Part 1.  Just to prove what a small world it is, the curator from The George Marshall Store gallery was the juror for NAA!  I love that they displayed HER criteria for judging.

Cara Gonier (award for Acrylic painting)

Janet MacLeod
 Janet sat behind me in MY first ever pastel class.  Obviously, she's been at it a while longer!!

Janet Macleod (award for Pastel)

Jay McCarthy (Photography)
 I'm quite sure the brick building was digitally enhanced... but I liked the graphic quality and the apparently endless variety of details in all those windows!  I must be a peeping Tom at heart. (At least a little)
Jack Fowler (Photography...)
  looked SO much like watercolor to me
Madeleine Hopkins (award for Acrylic)

Jan Roy (an abstraction of a cathedral in Novgorod)
 I have a friend back in Plano who does abstract mixed media paintings of buildings in India.  This Russian scene reminded me of her.
Lisa Baumwagner
Don't you wonder just a little how a Blue Goat with a scarlet "glow" can still seem so realistic?

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