Thursday, January 30, 2014

Revved Up, Reworked, Roughed In, Rambunctious!

 After watching the demo last night by Stapleton Kearns (photos and comments coming soon), I HAD to paint today.  Even though I got a late start, it was a productive session. 
I re-worked the Texas sunset scene I started the other day.  I don't think the colors are exactly true in the photograph, but I generally like the changes I made.
 Watching Mr. Kearns determine atmospheric perspective, mix colors and compose "in spite of" his reference photograph gave me courage to try some new stuff in this painting.  The mix of evergreen and deciduous trees (not to mention marsh grasses, snow and some ice) was a challenge I would have shrunk from only a day or two ago.).  The slope was intended to look evenly tilted toward the viewer:  I'm not quite sure why it looks as if there is a crevasse on the left of the snowy cleared section.  Otherwise, I'm quite pleased.
We'll see whether I can give this sheep dreadlocks AND an attitude.

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