Friday, January 24, 2014

Easel Peasel

I am gaining on my goal to paint (or at least sketch) everyday.  Although some days, the late night news is already on before I get to the easel.
This image is based on a picture I took at dusk while still living in Texas..  Trust me, that tree is the only big one around for miles!  This isn't finished yet... as I want it a lot more atmospheric; dreamy and mysterious.
Comments and suggestions encouraged.  I.e., HELP!

There is a house in our town that I think has that new kind of paint that changes color depending on the way the light hits it.  Most days it seems to be two different colors of lavender.  Others it is blue and darker blue.  As is the custom, it still has winter wreaths and bows on every window.

I mis-judged the ground AND the underpainting,  thinking that with so much green and purple, complimentary undertones would be a good thing.  WRONG IN THIS CASE!! 
My husband's comments were very helpful in getting me to (at least) add more darks in order to get a sense of depth (it had been even flatter looking at an earlier stage).  Never the less, the mustardy atmosphere reminds me more of smoggy Southern California in the 50's than frigid, crisp New Hampshire in 2014.

And it would have been nice if I had ACTUALLY fixed the perspective on the house.  The facade IS supposed to be at a slight angle to the picture plane... but the way I've painted it, it looks like it is leaning toward Vermont.

Just so you don't think I am toooo much of a perfectionist, I AM happy with the development of multiple kinds of marks, strokes and smudges.
It's always something.

Through the miracle of photoshop, the picture below is closer to the tone I'd hoped to achieve.  Maybe this will be another piece that I totally scrub off and use for something else!

PS:  Thanks to Karen Margolis for the tips on how to put "snowflakes" in your pastels.  THAT part worked pretty well.

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Talie Anne said...

My mum loves these paintings! She's obsessed. Where can we buy them?