Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Found a studio group to paint with!

Hazy Horizon. oil/canvas  8 x 10

I joined the studio class led by fellow Nashua Breakfast Club Artist, Paula Mingolelli.  And already, I can tell it is a good thing. 
 I had done most of this high key landscape on a hazy day, but had managed to get the house tilted at about a 13 degree angle.  Calling herself the "Horizon Police" she insisted I straighten out the roof lines.  Didn't know I could do it... But I did!  AND it was worth it.

When you paint by yourself, it is easy to slip into denial, depression or just a giant lake of Prussian Blue. I still miss my painting buddies from Texas!  I'm sure it will take a little bit of getting used to a new "leader,"  but I figure it will take a little bit for her to get used to me, too!

After I set the Hazy Horizon to one side, I had enough time and "oomph" to begin another small painting.  SHEEP!
I toned the canvas with violet acrylic paint, sketched in with charcoal, and scumbled a bit with R&F paint sticks.  I've done thumbnails of this plenty of times, but the composition came together better than ever before. I still need to correct some of the colors and contrasts in order to prove it to you!

I wonder if the woman who bought one of my paintings because she "liked purple and green" will like this, too.

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voz said...

Love them both!

It's so hard to find a group that can support AND challenge you. I hope that continues to be a good fit.