Monday, November 04, 2013

More Chalk Dust and Slightly Less Frustration (for now, anyway)

 I think these trees are "as good as it gets."  They are decidedly lollipop like, but the colors seem tasty!  My plan is to go to the art supply store tomorrow and get some pastel medium (gesso with pumice grit in it) and see if part of my problem is the paper I've been using.
 These trees, also inspired by Richard C. Harrington, seemed to "go" better than the ones above.  Perhaps the pinkish background of the first was overly dark for the final effect I was looking for.  This paper was merely "cream" and I was able to leave a pretty bright halo on the tree tops.  If you double click you can see the myriad oranges, yellows and pinks that are in those flaming trees.
This is from a photograph I took around the corner from the house.  I'm pretty pleased because a) it actually resembles reality!! b) it is complicated  c) for how much green there is in it, I don't think it is too acidic or bilious and d) the tree shadow on the boxy white building seems to work.  Maybe you have to squint.

I even got brave enough to block in some sheep.  You knew they wouldn't stay away for long!


Meg Forest said...

Love these, Dana! Yes, the house/trees definitely works!
And, of course, welcome back, sheep!

kath said...

Really nice! I love that house and tree particularly -- gorgeous!