Monday, November 04, 2013

Sketchbook Side Trip

 It was last month, actually, that I got to start a new journal/sketchbook.  (I usually use a Bienfang spiral bound that is 8 1/2 x 11:  the paper takes most any medium as long as it isn't soaking wet!)  I think I want to make sure I did the title page BEFORE I turned one more year older.  Either that or I forgot how old I was. 

 Thumbnail sketches at the Carlisle Conservation Land also known as Great Brook Park... on the border of Lincoln and Carlisle, MA.

 I did this sketch the afternoon after I went to the John Singer Sargent exhibit at the MFA.  HIS architectural watercolors were SO realistic and magnificent, I made myself sit for longer than usual attempting to draw the tower on the Billerica Library.  A triangle or T-square might have helped!  The actual tower does not seem in imminent danger of collapse. 

I made softie pumpkins for friends for Halloween.

More thumbnails from photographs and/or imagination in preparation for pastel class.

The faces below left were done in pencil from newspaper photographs.

Below right are more thumbnails:  searching for simple but interesting shapes.

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SingingLand Studios said...

sketches is where its at mum :)

sometimes a painting can emerge from photograph or from what appears to be nothing...yet, sketches are more reliable source for starting off a painting.