Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pumpkin, deer and a dinosaur.

 On Tuesday's wanderings, I headed home by way of Cider Hill Farm north of Amesbury.  I knew it was late, but I wanted to see if they were "in business" with farm stand produce. (we went last year during apple season and were amazed.)
Well, I was amazed this week, too, because they have jumped the gun with EARLY, BIG pumpkins.  And mums.

Last night as I approached my driveway, I saw something rather large crossing the road.  I thought it might be a big dog.  I slowed way down, and made another deer sighting!  He/she did indeed stare at me past the headlights.  And then cross the road in front of me back to where she'd come from, towards the under brush, ferns and stream on the edge of the property.

I got to have lasagna.  I wonder what she found.
The farm's hanging baskets were beyond big, and the ones on their own porch are not for sale.  I wonder how much plant food you have to add to get them this full?
These baskets ARE for sale.  I'd rather paint than pay for them.

The hens were already partying.  (There were sheep and goats, too, but they wouldn't face me, so I saved you from their rumps.)

Previously I had driven around Newburyport's new (!) traffic circle and into the Mosely Woods State Park.  I am looking forward to finding out of HRH the Granddaughter likes to climb dinosaurs!
 If not, there are more mundane challenges, and a very TALL swing set.

 Since it was overcast, the photograph is lack luster, but this house might be THE most perfectly groomed example I've seen in the vicinity.  Matching welcome baskets of flowers; TWO flags unfurled and situated precisely in the  middle of a hill top.

The clouds over head were dramatic.  Now, if I can just remember to go back on an afternoon with clouds AND sun!

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