Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Morning's Happy Surprise(s)

 After exhausting myself power washing our front porch, and doing some relatively light housecleaning in hopes that my DS,DIL and DGD would visit, it occurred to me that I MUST GET SOME EXERCISE in order to regain some stamina (which has never been a strong point).  So I went for a walk this morning.  With my camera.

I was surprised and delighted to discover a latent lantana (above) sprouting from what I thought was a long dead, and dried hanging basket which I had tucked into a neglected corner in reach of a sprinkler.  Who knew that there could be a resurrection of sorts in August?!!
 There was also a shy hydrangea.  Our hydrangeas were ineptly pruned last year, so most of the blooms have been hidden.  This one is still in full force, even if reticent.
 Lichens are more prominent with the abundant rain of late summer.
 I discovered a pond within a stone's throw.  I didn't even know it was there!  I didn't see any wildlife, but I hope it isn't a huge mosquito breeding ground, either.
 Alternate view.
 A few plants have gotten the memo that summer is drawing to a close.  I have no idea what memo the insects get.
 These spruces were dwarfed by larger pines and some maples.
 If you embiggen this, you will see a house at the far end of a driveway that NO ONE would want to shovel or blow.
 Sunlight sometimes does reach the ground amongst varieties of trees.
 A cheerful looking home that I hadn't seen before.
 I don't think it's even been below 40 at night... and look at these red leaves!

And last, but not least:

The Newburyport Art Association gallery attendant called this morning to say that another artist who was picking up his/her paintings asked if this had sold.  And when it hadn't, said he/she had to have it.  His/Her entry had apparently been a pool table and ball, so the "Rack 'Em Up" title turned out to be too much to resist.

Since there wasn't an entry fee for this exhibit, and the canvases were provided, even with the gallery's percentage, I made a profit.

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