Monday, September 09, 2013

Grandparents' Day at the Greenway Carousel

What a beautiful day it was Saturday!  A hint of Fall in the air (but still not sweater weather), blue skies, and a happy afternoon in anticipation of and in the presence of my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, aka HRH!
I has been a long time since I ventured to what seemed like the over-crowded Quincy Marketplace and Fanueil Hall.  Since we were prepared to pay full freight for parking (!) it was a lot more fun.  The first "odd" thing I saw was this Rouge & Noir fire hydrant.  (I have a collection of fire hydrant photos -- not sure why, but I love finding a new color combination.)  And that's DH walking on obliviously, while nobly carrying my giant bag of tricks.
Sun  and shadows were surprising... As was the barely noticeable canting of some of the buildings.  That atrium is NOT parallel/perpendicular to the buildings behind it.  I may have to exaggerate that in a painting...
Bostonians sometimes cut to the chase and ONLY tell you what you need to know.
Civic pride via landscaping... even if it is "only" in a pot.  But what a pot it is!
I've forgotten what you have to do to be forced to wear these silly hats at Dick's Last Resort.  Those days are past for me, I believe.
I wanna Kiss this Guy?  Don't badger anybody. 
Couldn't resist photographing other people's children while waiting for my own.  This girl was a practiced poser... Her smile is BIG, but a little forced.
The use of Massachusetts critters was a brilliant idea.  I loved all of them, but the bunnies more so.
Owl and Falcon.
Arr! Arr!  Who can resist a sea lion with a bench to cuddle on?
I think this is a plain old grasshopper... not one of those 17 year locust critters.
And then the family arrived.  I have no recollection of what Mom and Dad were looking at.  Superman?
One of the best things about having a pre-schooler is getting to do little-kid stuff with them!
There was something about the expressions on this young boy and my grand daughter that made me ask myself, "What are they thinking?"  One could probably write a whole novel based on possible answers.
Mom eying the photographer.
Mom and Dad.
Reflections in a bunny's eye.
Blowing kisses.
Trying to catch up with the Falcon, perhaps?  Not a chance for a rabbit.  Thoughtful of the designer to make it unlikely that the rabbit would get snarfed up.
Yes, I see! 

Sometimes feeling what is happening is even better than seeing. 
And then again, looking with eyes AND heart is good, too.

Daughter and Dad on the level.

The pictures of the fish and HRH make me light up inside every time.

Coy AND charming.
I think she's making faces at Mom while riding with Dad.

A moment of introspection.
They call if MUTUAL, Unconditional Positive Regard.  What a gift.

It is amazing to have lived long enough to see my toddler grow up to be the father of a toddler.  Would that I could see another generational cycle.  Would that I had been confident enough to enjoy parenting my children as much as my son seems to.
Grandpa D and DIL with new camera.

Heaven on earth... or on the carousel!
End of the ride.  For now.

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