Thursday, September 12, 2013

Morning thrills in Newton.

 So I am sitting, mesmerized,  in front of the computer on Monday morning.  Puppy kitty leaps up onto the back of my desk chair and perches precariously and starts to growl.  So I look where she's looking and here was this juvenile deer.  (You can see just a few spots on her flank).  She seemed to enjoy the plants on the edge of the lawn... AND she ignored anything we'd planted or tended.
I've wanted a Marimekko coverlet ever since I saw this pattern.  And last week, when they were on sale, I decided to treat myself.  Now, of course, I think I need to paint a new painting that is more (if not perfectly) color co-ordinated.  I'm hoping the warm red reflections will keep me cozy throughout the dark winter months.  Come spring, I might fall for a different pattern!
(Is it time for bed yet?

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