Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday wanderings in Massachusets

East Parish Meeting House, ca 1838, has been added to two historic registries and is trying to get enough money to rebuild the belfry and steeple.

Saturday I met DD for lunch.  Then she had errands to do, and I wanted to meander.  So I programmed the GPS to take me to Cape Ann by the back roads.  Who knew that the Wilmington Commuter Rail station's "shed"(?) would look so interesting.  Little did I know that I would find even more interesting scenes before dusk.
This house seems to be floating on a pier rather than on pylons.  I suppose it is possible.  This is between Gloucester and Rockport on Cape Anne.
DD and her BFF from Texas returned from their junket to Cape Ann raving about this Candy House:  right off the highway, home made, individual selection, friendly help.  They were right.  I totally recommend the "soft centers"!!
I had hoped to visit several specific art galleries in Rockport.  But on a Saturday?  I must have been crazy.  There were tour buses, no parking spaces within a reasonable distance for my tired feet, so I drove past all of that to the Granite Pier, where I found this alternate version of Motif #1.  I call it Motif #x+1

Little did I know that the Granite Pier is a well known place for fishermen to launch their expeditions.  I loved seeing the buoys and lobster pots stacked up.

This view is from the "pier" (rather like an enormous man-made jetty, in my opinion) towards the Northwest.

And this is from the end of the pier across the harbor to the town of Rockport.  The big black window is actually the backdrop to the stage in the    Lin Performance Hall.
Zoomed In

I've seen other houses in New England painted this crazy orange hue, but never realized that in September, they might be perfectly camouflaged by fall foliage!
Until you've been close, it is impossible to imagine how HUGE wind turbines are!

I left a note on FB for Ms. Crocker.  Got a very nice note with a phone number so I can meet, greet and enjoy her work in the studio next time I'm down that way.
This house looks ready to be haunted... or at least for its trees to be trimmed.
Benjamin Grant House, Ipswich 1735
Plinth and plethora of Canada Geese!
Unknown but old house across from the Grant House.
Alexander Knight "House"  1637 (replica created with period tools and materials)
The Whipple House ca 1650

East Parish Meeting House, ca 1838, has been added to two historic registries and is trying to get enough money to rebuild the belfry and steeple.

I confess that DH and I laughed the first time we rounded the curve and saw this squat building with such an inadequately small "steeple" lying beside it.

Apparently this was the church that John Greenleaf Whittier attended.

The Children of Israel Cemetery just up the road.I visited on Yom Kippur, and there were many stone on the markers, indicating frequent visits.  It would be a good and comber place to reflect.  I especiallly appreciated the monuments that look like tree stumps.

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