Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Sketching and painting progress (slowly)

9 x 12 This one is pretty much finished, although I'll probably take it to my artist friends to see if they have any (more) suggestions.  I think art is finished when you don't have any idea what else to do with it.
 I'm liking this, even though it is much more "graphic" in style than I expected.  I'm practicing with color variation while trying to keep the values similar.  And thanks to my friend Peter for telling me some tips about shadows.  Can you tell this building is based on the same one as above?  !!!!

When I bought art supplies last, they were having a sale on canvas flat panels. So I'm scraping my "left over paint" onto them in hopes that I'll learn more about color harmony and abstraction.  This one clearly is NOT ready for prime time.

Yesterday morning really was perfect.  Today was just as wonderful.  I did the pen/ink yesterday and watercolor today.  Just for fun.  And sanity.
Three weeks ago I had not been making enough art or taking the time to LOOK at things.  On my way home from my artists' meeting, I kept looking for someplace to pull off and sketch.  (Thanks Cathy Johnson for the art-in-the-car encouragement!).  Perspective and blocky little New England buildings are pretty fascinating.  I'm hoping the skill to do more representative trees will grow on me.

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