Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hung, Hanged, Hanging

... at the Eight Cubed show at the Newburyport Art Association in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

See?  SEE? 
Hint:  When in doubt, I paint sheep.  Didn't they have great company?

 The staff outdid themselves with the arrangement of over 200 tiny canvases.  I especially liked the spilt milk with a near by cat (By Lisa Bohnwagen)
The variety of subject matter, styles, and even media was eye-opening.  I also appreciated the conglomeration of styles (and possibly, experience).

 I didn't manage to get photographs of every submission because many of them had artists, artists' friends and guests standing in front of them.  I hope that lots of them get purchased... proceeds are split between the artist and the NAA.
Elena  Bachrach, Executive Director, is on the far right.  In spite of barely being over jet-lag from her trip to Japan, she was chipper, sociable and most of all, enthusiastic.
Final view of my Sheep on the Beech and Rack 'Em Up.
 Artistic flower box planting at the restaurant next door.  Maybe my next small painting?
And the setting sun shining of the Coast Guard light house.  I'm going to have to ask if I can get photographic access on the other side of the cars and chain link fence!

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