Sunday, July 28, 2013

George Marshall Store expands their stable.... of ARTISTS!

There is something almost magical about wandering through a pretty residential area and then finding a boat dock and ART GALLERY!
This sculpture demanded to be looked through!  (Although the photograph might have been better if I'd knelt or laid down... but note, there are lobster pots on the pier to the left, and boaters and dappled hills.   It definitely draws one towards it.  Aptly titled, too.
Way Home by Haven Smith
 The gallery's tiny foyer had a welcoming flower arrangement and two small paintings. This exhibit was to introduce new artists represented by the gallery. (I didn't photograph EVERYTHING, believe it or not, Just ones that either grabbed me or had something to teach.)

Beach Tree by Madeleine Hopkins
 The more I look at this, the more impressed I am with the textures, color shifts and brush work.  Funny how I switch between painterly works and more graphic ones.This has qualities of both.
 Skip Motes' Red Marsh was one of the few that had already sold.  He belongs to the Newburyport Art Association, too.  And his wife is in a philanthropic group I belong to.  Small world! You can see more of his pieces here. I don't know where they were in the gallery.  Maybe they hold some back in order to replenish the walls!
Foggy Pink by Ann Trainor Domingue
Domingue knows her way around a palette knife!  and layers!  What layers!  Oil paint, when applied this way is so opaque, but if you let it skip and miss spots, it is almost as if it was transparent, because you can see what lies underneath.
Working Pier by Ann Trainor Dominque
This was subtitled "textured."  I think she may have added grit to the paint.  It definitely made the water seem waterier!

Raking Light Across by Ann Trainor Domingue
Pigeon Cove by  Emily Leonard Trenholm
In Maine by Madeleine Hopkins

Fresh by Mark Soderling
These strokes are confident!  Bold, even though the oil was apparently thinned quite a bit.  

Ordiome Point by Mark Soderling
In contrast, the paint in this painting was applied THICK and variegated with a knife.  Embiggen it and look at all the hues spread in just a single swath!

Streaming Along by Ann Trainor Dominque
I was gratified and surprised to find that this was attributed to the same artist who did the palette knife harbor scenes.  She's got some graphic tendencies, too.

 The entire downstairs gallery was dedicated to works by Brett X. Gamache.
I don't know who was more surprised, this young fellow or me... when he walked into the picture I was taking of "Breakfast."

Silos Under Blue Sky and Horses at Dusk

Tea Tray  and  Day Break (with cat)
Tumbling Nectarines

Green Apples on a Blue Plate

Horseshoe Crabbs

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