Friday, August 16, 2013

Today seems to have been the "one step BACK" day as far as painting goes.

In some ways, I can't believe I'm sharing this "partly done" work.  On the other hand,, I have to remind myself that the process has as much, if not MORE value than the product.

I worked on the Red Mill tonight.  I had done some foliage observation and hoped I could make the trees look more tree like and the ground cover (if it's even that) look leafier.  I am not sure I succeeded.  And I'm not very happy with what is now going on in the sky.
Below, through the miracle of photoshop, is the current version (left) and the prior one (right).
The good thing about oils is you can keep adding paint, but it is discouraging when you need to "undo" or re-do what had been better before.

Clearly, I need to observe more accurately to paint "dappled shadows", especially since they are the raison d'etre of the piece below.   I do think I made some progress on "leafiness", but there is a LOT more to do here.

 Comments welcome.

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