Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trees Place (Another Orleans Gallery)

Another gallery I visited in Orleans is called Trees Place.

To me, it seems more traditional and, yes, more expensive, than AddisonArtGallery.  But the gallery attendant (a painter and art student herself) was very helpful and candid.  Her loyalty was evident, so she was unwilling and unable to make comparisons with any of the other gallerys on the Cape.
 Kim English.  Greek Boats.  Oil on Canvas  $5000
English was being featured when we visited.  Her paintings included lots of water and definitely caught the hues and movement of water.
 Tom Ouelette.  Still Life with Brass Cat.  Oil on mounted linen $1900
This painting seemed quite dull, to me, but a friend of mine was told by HER gallery owner to take home a porcelain cat and paint it with some flowers because the owner KNEW it would sell.  And it did... the first day in the shop... and NOT to the person the owner anticipated.  (Oh, and the buyer bought the cat statue, too.)
 Jenness Cortez. Duet of One.  Acrylic on Mounted Canvas $75,000
I have mixed feelings about this series.  They are breathtaking technically, but adding items that one believes are related to the original artist or scene seems additive or reactive rather than creative.  Cortez is apparently giving a talk about the works in August 2013, so you might want to check it out.

I guess it's like interpreting Dreams.  I have my OWN meaning which I ascribe to important visions and images.  I am not particularly interested in any-old-body-else's interpretations.
 Jenness Cortez.  An Evening with Vincent.  Acrlic on Mounted Canvas.  $90,000
 Aleta Steward.  Light and Shadow (Cottontail Rabbit)  Oil on Panel. $3200
This bunny was definitely honored to have SUCH a high-falutin' frame.

 The painting below is probably about 20 x 24.  The amount of detail on the buildings on the horizon is almost unbelievable.  It couldn't be done on canvas or linen, and I'm thinking must have been done with the world's smallest brush, and perhaps most medium-rich oil paint known to human kind.  Almost photographic realism... but not quite.  I haven't made up my mind what I think about it!
 Patrick Kitson. Marshside.  Oil on Panel. $17,500
 Karen Hollingsworth. Nauset Beach.  Oil on Canvas. $6800
I've liked Hollingstorth's painting for quite a while.  Something about a breezy gauzy curtain that whispers "vacation," "solitude," "peace."
 Martyn Mackrill or Richard Loud?   Through the Sound.  Watercolor. $7800
 Joseph McGurl. 
This was in a very dark corner... and I'm not positive about the attribution.  As I remember it was oil on panel.  Even in the shadows the moon was like a beacon.  Definite skill with values and shading.
 Robert Douglas Hunter.  Brass, Red and Blue.  Oil on canvas.  $6000
The range of colors in the brass pot's paint is amazing.  VERY skilled.  I think the still life looks awfully stiff, though.
Eric Kaiser.  Bring Me Dream - Sleeping Least Sandpiper Duo. Carved Tupelo with Oils. $1050

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