Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gallery Glory

An artist acquaintance of mine thinks this gallery has become "too commercial."  
I am not exactly sure what that means.  She complained that many of the scenes were just "plein air/Cape Cod" which is definitely true.  She also complained that many of the artists' works looks like the others.  I must say, that I found that to be slightly more true this visit than in the past.
On the other hand, when looking at paintings on the Cape, I am pretty happy to find high quality regional paintings.  And as always, some were more so than others.

By the way, I am not acquainted with any of these artists.
What do you think?

What makes a gallery "too" commercial?
Take Your Time by David Mesite.  oil on board.  16 x 20. ($1975)
 This piece seems very traditional... but not necessarily "from the Cape.:  Plus it has wonderful pears (I have yet to paint the obligatory pear!) and a punning title.  I am not in love with it enough to consider paying the price, but if he's sold other works in that range, well, good for him.

 Study for Red Chair in the Far Room by Paul Schulenburg.  16 x 20 ($1800) 
This comes out to a little over $5.00 per square inch.  I'd LOVE to have the nerve to charge that much for a FINISHED piece... let alone a study.

 By the Sound by Paul Schulenburg. oil on panel 11 x 14 ($1600)
This typical Cape Cod scene comes out to $10.00 per square inch.  Twice as fabulous as the one above?  Not THAT much smaller, in my opinion!

 Warm Path by Kely Knowles. oil on wood panel 9 x 12 ($650)
In person (or if you click on the image to see it larger) the colors on the sea grasses are wonderful, as are the lights and shadows in the sand. I also think Knowles was smart with the floating silver frame. 

 Cape Marsh Light by Kely Knowles. oil on wood panel. 15.5 x 17.25 ($975)

 4 O'clock Light by Robert Noreika. oil 16. x 20 ($2200)
 Finding Place by Marc Kundmann. encaustic, oil, charcoal on panel. 7.75 x 7.75 ($825)
I "almost" like Kundmann's work here.  It seems derivative of another artist's work, and less inspired when it comes to color.  At $825, it is quite an expensive souvenir.

 Race Point Beach by Paul J. Toussaint. iphoneography on wood. 12 x 12 ($550)
I didn't touch this, so I'm not sure how the photograph was transferred to the wod.  I do like the image and I do like that the grain shows through.  Again, kind of pricey for what could be an awfully easy to do souvenir.
(I might be ignorant, too.  Just my opinion!)
 Light Splashed Cottage by Cynthia Reid.  oil on panel. 16 x 12 ($1050)
It seemed strange to me that this wasn't the MOST amazing or wanted painting in the gallery, but it was one of the ones that made me say "I wish I could paint that way."  The colors, light and values were careful and knowledgeable.


 Independence (second above) and Measure (just above) by Rick Fleury.  oil on copper 5 x 7. $450 each
I have watched this painter for quite some time.  His skill with water and light impresses me!

Jon Wigren.  The Orbs (hand painted, hand shaped pine) run about $400 each.  The birds in nests about the same.  The three painted pine  fish on the rock, entitled      Three Chums is priced at $675.oil on copper. 5 x 7 ($425 each) The stars are about $85.00

 Blue by Rick Fleury.  oil on canvas. 20 x 20  ($1850)
 Usher by Rick Fleury. oil on canvas. 20 x 20  ($1950)
The Dike by Oliver Suire Valery.  oil and acrylic 31.5 x 11 ($3600)
This fellows paintings have also interested me for a while now.  He uses a deep burnt sienna underpainting and definitely knows his way around brush strokes and color.

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