Friday, July 12, 2013

GrammaD's Latest Grins

1.  My Mother's Day Gerbera is re-blooming IN THE GROUND.  With two flowers.

2.  I was interrupted at dinner by a phonecall prompted by HRH, Ms. J.
     Basically she wanted to tell me, "Dora got a swimming pool."

     This took a fair amount of interpretation from her mom and dad, as I had no frame of reference.  Upon searching the web, it turns out that the swimming pool TALKS!  Now THAT is news.

3.  And HRH, Ms. J is also the proud new owner of "real" panties in anticipation of a get rid of the diapers weekend.  (For her parent's sake, I hope the weather is good so that most of their time may be spent out doors... so that accidents are "no problem" and locating the bathroom becomes second nature.

Life is good.

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