Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Castle (NH) Arts and Crafts

 Saturday was the best day we've had in weeks.  Warm with a breeze, but not too much.  A friend was showing his paintings at the New Castle Arts and Crafts Fair, so we headed in that direction, along with everyone within hundreds of miles who had an RV or kayaks.  (Fortunately, most of them either turned off at the "Sea Coast" exit, or continued past New Castle to somewhere in Maine.)

But New Castle itself (a city spread amongst a bunch of little island) was relatively calm.  There were lots of cyclists, walkers... and dogs.  I didn't realize until I got home that I was so enchanted by the arts and crafts that I didn't take any pictures of those.  They were also having a Strawberry Social.  Perhaps that would have been worth trying. Silly me.

It was the yellow barge that prompted this photo-from-the-car window.  Even though it was disappointing to have it obscured by the wires, I thought the conglomeration of signs on the post were interesting.
Most of the buildings were "vintage."  With some in better repair than others.  I did like this white clapboard cottage with it's wild perennials and starfish in the window.  The variety of textures may show up in a painting soon..
Again, there is something fascinating to me about the geometry, symmetry (usually) and colors of these houses.

 I don't know what it is about red buildings!  I may have to go back just to deconstruct the angles, gables and functional boxiness of this house. 
 I think this will make a good painting.  Doesn't it look like the tree shadow is painting the building the same color as the sky?  I'm contemplating a series of paintings with houses/buildings.  I think this would would embody shyness.
I took this picture from the moving car.  It probably had a fabulous door and entry way... but what fun to find the wire "ART" and a date tile.  1790.  Amazing.
Across a channel to a different island there were jumbles of more vintage and new cottages.  I hope the people in these get alone with each other because they are very close.  If you enlarge and look closely you can see that several have bright umbrellas!
 I don't know of anything much better than winding roads with surprise water views... unless it is the prospect of sipping, browsing and reading.  Parking seems difficult near Portsmouth's Book & Bar.  Maybe next time.

Everyone who had a convertible was driving it!  And a lot of other people were going on boat tours
 For a moment I thought I was back in San Antonio... but this is only ONE "brazo"... not plural!  (And I totally didn't notice the painted dove on the adjacent building until I was cropping the pictures.
 Then we headed to York, Me. across the Piscataqua Bridge.  My husband is SO patient.  <3>

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