Saturday, July 20, 2013

Peabody Miscellany: Japanese abstract photographs, Golden Age paintings and The. Gift. Shop.

The Peabody has a Facebook page with information that I couldn't find on the regular website.  AND comments by other visitors, of course.
  Deborah Butterfield’s Willy, a larger-than-life horse welded from discarded pieces of metal. 
 Toshio Shibata photographs were amazing in their abstraction of real places.  Great color or absence of same.  They were in a semi-open gallery so many of my pictures have annoying reflections and after images.  The website has better photos, but of course, the best is to see them in person.  Most of them are at least 20 x 24" and in focus!  Even so, many times, it was hard to know what the content of the image was.  And many times, it didn't really matter.

Nick Cave "Sound Suits" in the Asian area of the museum.  Mr. Cave is actually a contemporary artist from Missouri. 

    Life sized lobster made from ivory. I prefer mine with butter.

 Hubby doing what he usually does when I wander for a while. 

 This toddler brought her bear to the museum.
 The Cafe worker was very pleasant.  My feet would have been hurting.
Golden age Dutch still life.  WHY would he include a hermit crab, salamander (?) and a grasshopper?  The Dutch pretty much ALWAYS had symbolism, but this symbolism was not explained.

 Jan Brueghel the Elder.  (I love the Brueghels!)
 Dutch replica of a Dutch Admiralty Yacht.  To them a yacht was a light boat that could easily maneuver among larger boats.  Wealthy merchants began using them to go out and meet their tradesmen... and eventually yacht became the word for a recreational boat.
 Everyone needs a lion on their boat, right?

And then there's always the gift shop...

Anais Nin may be most famous for her erotic diaries, but she apparently knew about friends.
 Boy and girl elephants!
 Gorgeous scarves from the Antrim Street Studio.  A reminder that I have silk dyeing supplies in my art studio.  
 I think I would like a pink and chartreuse maned lion.
 And dandelions that make you happy and DON'T spread all over the lawn.
 These are NOT Jim Shore figures.  They are hand-carved Russian figures (look like St. Nicholas to me!) that were part of a display of Russian folk art to accompany the non-folk art beauty of the Faberge exhibit.
 This one reminds me of my husband.
 I can't wait to see what the Artist-Animal collaboration displays are about....
OR Impressionists on the water.
 We were in Salem on the second hottest day of the year so far. The public fountain was welcoming to all, especially those willing to get soaked.

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kath said...

How odd that Nick Cave's sound suits are displayed in the Asian area of the museum. Are you familiar with his music? I like it, although when you listen to it, you tend to wonder about the guy.

not 4:46 am - what time zone is blogger operating in? haha