Saturday, June 08, 2013

Rest of the Day-Trip (York, Maine), in John Hancock territory.

The George Marshall Store is adjacent the John Hancock Wharf.  Yup, THAT John Hancock. I am still enchanted by many things New England:  the simple geometric shapes of buildings, lobster trap identifiers, salt marshes, white church spires, and bright colored houses.  
 I'm hoping this will make a nice painting when slightly re-arranged and re-colored.
 Not exactly Motif #1 (which is in Rockport, MA), but sorta!

 What caught my eye were the Adirondack chairs at the top of the hill.  Great place for a G&T or lemonade.

 Another painting possibility.  All those grays... and then complimentary orange and blue.
 I don't understand the technology they are talking about here... but the bridge was CLOSED, and I arrived at the Store by a round-about detour.
 Does anyone know why so many New England houses have different materials on different sides?
I've seen several with wood shingles (tend to face the bad weather direction) and then painted siding (or vinyl) on the other sides.....

 Attractive yellow house behind a quintessential white picket fence.
 Maybe I should collect photos of weather vanes.  I liked the green patina on this bronze boat.
 Another yellow house.
 Salt marsh/estuary

 First parish church in York.
 Town Hall with bunting.
 I liked the sign for Joanne Campbell's Powder House Gallery... but it was closed... and I don't find any images or URL's  to share. 

 More salt marsh reference photos.

 There was one BIG crow wandering around the marsh.  He/she was too far away for me to get terrific realistic photographs, but I was fascinating by how reflective his feathers were, and how the lights and darks defined and redefined his appearance.

 Even in the abstract, if the shapes and tone variations are right, a crow is a crow is a crow.

 But a crab is different!
 See the private gazebo on the point?  More lemonade! 

 And then, there's a newish Gatsby kind of house.  The over built houses in New England generally look b etter to me than the overbuilt houses in Texas sis... but still.

 Dining al fresco?

And another yellow house with Perennials!

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