Sunday, June 09, 2013

If you want to be happy...

1.  Avoid any driving towards Cape Cod within 150 miles of Falmouth on a Friday afternoon
2.  When a 1 hour trip takes 3.5 hours, ENJOY YOUR FAMILY, especially when your granddaughter is learning to do dramatic renditions of emotion
3.  Root for the Bruins and have them sweep the conference!

 And if you are not quite three years old, the recipe is:
1. Keep your beloved pets close by
2. Make sure Mommy knows where the pizza is, and is willing to share
3. Totally use Daddy like your favorite pillow

 To me, this is as sacred a family as there is.  Where are Raphael's painting skills when you need them?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Isn't this age just delicious?