Friday, June 07, 2013

Meandering with a compass

My daughter told me about her enjoyment of drawing mandalas as a form of relaxation and meditation. I'm not sure I always relax when drawing them, because I seem to have a difficult time keeping the compass point jammed sufficiently hard into my sketch pad... but I certainly do get absorbed: inventing different geometries, grids and axis arrangements
 Last night I scanned several and "colored" them in Photoshop.  There is something very satisfying about such uniform color blocks -- not to mention the ease of changing the color palette! Notice how different these two look depending on whether I left the boundary lines in or not.
And this one changes a LOT depending on the color of the boundary lines. When I left the outlines white, the black background was too stark, so I changed it to blue.  But the other colors are the same.  Strange how they look different, isn't it?
 I may have to embroider something like it.

 And this was one I colored with watercolor pencils... then hyped a little in photoshop because the pencil color was so pale.

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kath said...

These are beautiful. Is this something even an art class flunkout could do?