Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AND.... the Bruins won game 3

We had another opportunity to spend time with the granddaughter last night.  We were invited for brats and The Stanley Cup, Game 3, and then allowed to serve as babysitters while mom and dad went house-hunting.  Ms. J was in high spirits! She was happy to see us and had apparently changed into a dress "just for us."  And made sure we knew there was a bow in her hair.  (Lots of times she doesn't like hair ornamentation... but with it this length, I think she knows it is a good thing!

She spent almost an hour showing us the (plastic) contents of her grocery basket.  How many two year olds do you think know asparagus, mushrooms, garlic and zucchini?! As well as chips, french fries and hot dogs.
 We tried to fool her into think that there were aliens, tigers and polar bears in her cart.  She was skeptical.
We're helping her question authority.  

 When GranpaD said he didn't have the tomato any more, it only took a moment for Ms. J to gleefully discover it.
 She wasn't too happy about the camera flash. (nor the lightening and thunder that were happening at the same time).  At one point she knelt by the sofa and either prayed or hallooed for her parents to return.  "Daddy come back!  Mommy come back!"  After which she would turn and either tell us she could hear them coming or ask us when they would get home.
 At one point, she seemed to put herself in quasi "time-out."  I don't know why, but it was as if she were rooted to the spot... and that was BEFORE the hockey game started.

After she went to bed we got to hear about the houses visited by her parents AND watch the Bruins seemingly cruise to Victory.
Tuuka! Tuuka! Tuuka!

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