Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Here's the charming carved Chickadee that I won in a drawing at Valerie's Gallerie in Newburyport, MA on Saturday.  She's carved by Paul Beauregard of Massachusetts.

I didn't see Chickadees in Texas.  Junco's looked the most like them, but I understand poet Bond's affection for these indefatigably cheerful little birds.


Chickadee, Chickadee,
There's a bond twixt you and me,
When the world is cold with snow,
When the hopes I used to know
Scattered like a fallen leaf,
Fallen like a scattered sheaf,
Drifted over near and wide
By the winter's whirling tide
When my hopes are turned to sear,
Naught a friend can give the cheer,
Naught can lift my steps along
Like the ringing of your song,
      Chickadee, Chickadee.


        Chickadee Chickadee
There's a love twixt you and me,
Doff your little cap of black,
Whistle low and echo back,
Ever distant always near,
Spirit of the morning clear,
Elfin spirit of the air,
Twitting flitting everywhere,
When the world is cold and gray,
Where the road's a weary way,
Every hill top rings again,
Lifts me on with your refrain,
   Chickadee, Chickadee.
             Raymond Tostevin Bond

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