Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newburyport Charms

I actually WON a drawing last weekend at Valerie's Galerie.  (A beautiful small carved chickadee... photo to be added later).

And since I had a 9 am appointment in the neighboring town, I arrived a bit early.  In time to pull out my sketch pad and Lamy pen. Newburyport is almost terminally charming.  It was gentrified and re-habbed in the 1970's... and now looks fresh, but not too fresh.  I like the double baskets of geraniums on all of the old-fashioned street lamp poles.

There is a shaded courtyard between an "inner" (i.e., hidden) parking lot and the commercial shops.  Some visionary made a sculpture of bronze tubes and granite stones in the middle.  I believe I captured the hardness and cragginess of the stones, but if I hadn't told you, I have no idea what you'd have thought about the tubes!
These last three sketches are from my husband's visit to a radiology lab.  Can you tell he doesn't like to pose?!!
 And I had to kind of "not look" at this woman while I was drawing her.  I guess the good news about smart phones is that people don't notice what their compatriots are doing.
 After everybody but me was "served," I was left with only the plastic trash can liner.

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