Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Amazing Sight..

Often after dinner (whether in or out) my husband and I take what used to be called a Sunday drive to continue to familiarize ourselves with the local streets, neighborhoods and customs.  This evening after a quick trip to the craft store (more embroidery floss) and Starbucks for a sandwich and coffee, we drove South from Seabrook toward Newburyport on Hwy 1.

As we were half way through Salisbury, we noticed lots of cars pulled to the side of the road.
It was a CONGREGATION OF EGRETS!  I wouldn't be surprised if there were a hundred of them perching on the tall plumes of marsh grass (which did NOT look sturdy enough to support them). Actually, they might have been herons.  Other passersby asked if they were storks... which I knew they weren't. (They are only found in the Southeastern US.)

I spoke to a more experienced couple who commented that if we'd been in Conway, NH, it would have been a moose that everyone was gaping at.

I told them that if it were Texas, it would have been a road kill armadillo and that no one would have stopped.

Regrettably, I'd left my camera AND my phone at home.  Hence the "artistic rendition."

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Holly said...

If they were white they were probably egrets....and OH MY GOSH how cool was that? To see that many together..amazing! Love the artistic rendition!