Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fuller Heart after Fuller Gardens

I had only just heard about the Fuller Gardens (N. Hampton, New Hampshire) last week, when we stumbled upon them on an afternoon drive.  We sprang for the admission to see if the recommendation and fuss was well-deserved.  I think so.  You can judge for yourself.

The parking area was surrounded by shoulder deep (!) hostas that were in bloom.  Mine at home haven't even put spikes up yet!

 Immediately upon entering were two formal rose gardens.  SUCH VARIETY!  And immaculately pruned, dead headed and mulched.  I might have to go back another time to get names of the ones I liked best... Some were fragrant and some were beauteous.  Few were both.
A later "room" had hardscape charms, including fountains, statues and figurines.

 It was a challenge to get the massed perennials all in one photograph.

 Floribunda... and a quiet fountain.

 My grandfather's sundial had the advice:  Let us count none but the happy hours.  A nice sentiment, but probably one that contributed to the amazing denial skills my mother exhibited.

 I almost missed the Sphinxes that supported the bench by the Dahlia beds.

 New lily favorites... I loved "bilburgias" in California, but I think they require tropical weather.  These would make a good substitute.

 Another favorite "accessory"!
 Whatever these trees were (around the Japanese portion of the Gardens), they could stand in for the ones that kept everyone away from Sleeping Beauty all those years.

 The Koi were interesting to watch.  In spite of prominent signs not to put anything into the pond, they were clearly conditioned to expect something.

 A rustic bamboo water feature.  When the tube on the right filled up, it would dump the water out on the rocks.

 Dog wood.... ?

 "love and peace" rose.

 Living decor!
 Still.  Like a bunny.  He may have had nerves of steel, or just been a dumb bunny.
He let us get very close and then didn't run all that far away.

 He seemed to have guardians.

Not a fountain of youth, apparently, but charming just the same.

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kath said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like a charming place to wander