Friday, July 05, 2013

Good Trip, Good Friends and Good to be back home

 When we found out that DH's oldest & best friends were going to be on Cape Cod the week of July 4, we sort of invited ourselves into their vicinity.  Reservations were made, sight unseen, at what turned out to be an enormous golf/condominium community anchored by a 19th century Mansion.

After our slow slog to Plymouth week before last, we were concerned that it would take forever to get (twice as far) to Cape Cod on a holiday week.  Somehow, traveling on MONDAY was the right choice. We stumbled on a diner where it was mostly locals or townies.  Great wait staff and ricotta-stuffed french toast that is my new favorite thing.
 There are books about Hydrangeas on Cape Cod, but pretty much everything was blooming huge.
 Homeport had a beautifully made warship model that kept DH's attention after he'd finished reading the paper.
 On our first day (before connecting with our Chicago compatriots), I got to visit my favorite gallery: Addison Art in Orleans.  They had had an outdoor paint in the week before so most of the work was plein air and probably still wet.  (I didn't touch any of it to try!)

 Mary Alice Eizenberg
 Dogwood and Bench by Susan French Overstreet
 Susan French Overstreet
 Spring Breeze by Peter Kahlil
Barn Shadows
 I especially liked the spare, geometric paintings (with broken color) of Cynthia Reid.

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