Friday, June 21, 2013

GrammaDee's good intentions

 Yesterday was the Year-End Extravaganza put on by the child care center where Little Miss J spends week days.  In spite of leaving 1.45 hours early for what is normally a 1 hour trip,  I was late. When I was less than half way there, my GPS informed me that my estimated time of arrival was AFTER the start time. ROAD WORK!! TRAFFIC!  Arrgh. By the time I came to the final freeway offramp, I was an hour after start time.  Although many kidlets and parents were still in the auditorium watching the rather extended slide show (so every child had a couple of close ups), I managed to miss the entire performance.

I had brought a post-performance flower (with ribbons, cellophane and tissue) which was well-received, albeit in the dark.

 I had hoped that something with THAT many petals would be of interest, and it was.
 I wish I could have heard the 2 year olds' renditions of God Bless America and "the Dinosaur Song and seen the dance moves that went with them.  I loved last year's Oz production, but was told that the song review was actually better because there were no delays to weave in a story that the children didn't know and that (possibly) the adults knew so well they didn't care about).

 Performing is hard work, and Miss J had a bit of a let down afterwards, but perked up after some Italian bread at The Venetian with her other paternal grandparents (the Ex and his wife).  I am relieved that we all get along now.  (Hey, what's 25 years?!!)  The Wife and I both spoke knowingly about Miss J's exemplification of the Impatient Inner Child ("That's EVERYBODY's Inner Child.").  The Ex spoke of his relief at NOT being picked as a juror for a local Trial Of The Century.  (He was within 2 seats of being called for a 4-6 month ordeal.) I know he would have been a great juror, but am glad for his sake that he wasn't called.
Funny what matters.  I don't really mind that I missed the "show."  I enjoyed an uninterrupted hearing of St. Saens' Organ Symphony (#3) with the volume cranked up while stuck in traffic.  I was happy Miss J appreciated her floral tribute.  I was proud that we got along.  I hope my son can now relax when "everybody" comes.  I know it has been stressful for all concerned in the past.

I suppose it was also a good thing that picking up the tip, rather than the tab, seemed to be enough.

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