Thursday, April 04, 2013

What remains... today.

 Finally made it to the chilly art space in the basement to fix/make/work on the paintings. The class I am taking has definitely taught me more and different things to look for and ways to improve what is already on the canvas.  I almost like the painting above.  LOTS of work to do on the trailing foliage... and bucket and pavers (some with moss, some with fallen leaves, some just with dirt.).  Even though I am trying to keep the colors bright, there is SOOOO much gray that needs to stay lively but not garish.
 The cat now looks a bit more dimensional and furry... but I think she also looks more like a dog.  Win some, lose some, no?  And I gave the hint of ears to the shadows because some other observers thought it looked like her head was cut off!!  (It wasn't of course, but the reference photo had some quirks of light, for sure).
I'd hoped to channel Hans Hoffman (or somebody) with this end-of-the-day canvas... It is literally what was left on my palette: remixed and with just a few drops of fresh pigment to get the colors "better."  It is good compositional practice, even if THIS isn't good composition.  Yet.

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