Thursday, April 11, 2013

Plan B?

 Isn't there a proverb about "Life is what happens when you are making other plans"?
Monday DH and I headed up to Dover because according to the miraculous Internet, there was supposed to be a hobby store there with supplies for model railroaders.  And besides, what better thing to do on one of the first Spring Days of 2013?

So we marveled at the scenery and arrived near "center city" at the stated address.  First we noted the aroma of fresh maple/cinnamon rolls coming from Weeks' diner.

Then we searched the other nooks and crannies of the turn of the century (20th, that is) and found the alleged hobby shop.  CLOSED ON MONDAY.

After peeking in the windows it looked like we might not have found what we wanted anyway:  It seemed to mostly be supplies for gamers and roll players.
We consoled ourselves with breakfast.  My Mexican Omelet was tasty.  DH's Eggs Benedict were over cooked and the English Muffin burnt.  Loved the un-matched tablecloths and cheerful waitstaff, though.

 So plan B, which had originally included stopping at a nursery on the other side of the state, was to check out ones close to Dover.  On the way we found the lowest railroad trestle bridge, I think I've ever seen.  9'6".  Our living room ceiling in Texas was higher than that!  (It was a cool construction though.

 This nice Victorian (?) is a lawyer's office.
Then we arrived at Wentworth Greenhouses.  They are obviously in the process of getting stocked for spring, but the blooming bulbs and pansy baskets were gorgeous.

My Aunt and Uncle usually had clivias at Easter time.  I am under the impression that they are hard to grow.  Must research:  they weren't cheap!

 I was getting all excited about planting herbs and maybe even some annuals when I saw this sign.  NO RUSH.  I think I'll wait until after Mother's Day.  Maybe the Mother's Day Fairy will sent Petunias.  Or something.

The nursery had some gorgeous glazed pots.  I'm not sure they really "fit" the style of our yard... but they might be nice on the back deck... with herbs.

 Pork Bellies?  Or Pot-bellied pigs?

 Wentworth had a selection of yard art that was new to me.  I liked several brass whirligigs they had, and of course I miss my old wind chimes.
 The beautiful leaves of Rhubarb surprised me.  I thought these were philodendrons at first.  I haven't ever eaten Rhubarb.  If you think I should try it, please send a) a recipe and b) encouragement.
 DH said he saw a winged dog grotesque.  I only saw this one... which is labeled as a bat.  I never thought of them as bats, I always thought they were their own species!  Silly city girl.
 More whirligigs
 And a cement cat.  Not my all time favorite; but appealing just the same.  Whoever sculpted the original got the up tilted head just right.
 You would need a sheltered area or garden room for these wooden sheep.  I couldn't see the tops of them as they were on a high shelf.  They might have room for pots of ferns on their back.
 Another cat and a bird.  Cast in metal.
 Cole's Hot Meats:  I wonder if this would actually work... and if bears would prefer it or avoid it.  I can imagine a YouTube video with an unhappy chili pepper eater.
 I may have to upgrade the hanging pots on our porch... But again, AFTER Mother's Day.

 Pussy Willow is another plant to research.  I've only seen them dried in TX and California.  The idea that I could plant and watch for them is intriguing.  Oh, and forsythia, too.

I thought it was silly that a small town like Dover would have a "truck route." Smart DH pointed out that they might want to keep trucks on the same paths so as to save and protect the roads.  Certainly, there wasn't any worry about traffic congestion that I could see.
 I bet that these houses will be almost invisible when the trees leaf out. 

 A barn set back away from the road.  Possible painting of the future?
I had never seen pink (or purple) houses before moving to New England.  I like the contrasting trim and double porches.  And the "guard rail" on the upstairs window.  I'm not sure the window is actually tall enough to step out of, though... unless you are in a horror movie.
 Complimentary colors: barn: grass trees.  Another painting possibility.

And maybe in May,  we can have another adventure:  with or without a Plan B.

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