Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Afternoon

The Easter Bunny came to Grandma and Granpa D's house.  HRH announced "I found it" every time she found one of the treats (graciously provided by Auntie W.)
The table setting included vintage linens and heritage decorations from three families.

"Mom's Famous" Lamb Cake was a hit again this year.  (It is an especially good year when the lamb's head doesn't fall off!)

 The pop-eyed monster thingy was a hit.  (There was also a bunny in a hamster wheel, chattering bunny teeth, and a hen that laid bubble gum.)
 Daughter is wanting to write a novel, so she received a "how to plot a best seller" guide.
 HRH The granddaughter got a duck call... shaped like a duck.  It's rude raspy "call" made everybody laugh.  EVERY TIME.
 Learning how to make the pinwheel spin took about 10 seconds.
 The walking, pooping, gum-laying hen.
 The Butterfinger bar in the Easter basket was not so mini in a little mouth, but it didn't stop the blowing of bubbles.

One of my favorite traits of toddlers is their total concentration and focus, whether it is a pinwheel or Dora on the I-pad.

 My son doesn't like to have his picture taken.

 HRH sometimes had the same gestures and poses as her dad.  Little mirrors, children are.

 I don't know why he objects to the picture taking.  He's still my favorite son!

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June said...

Do you have the lamb cake pan? I don't know what happened to mine! I used to frost with coconut. Happy Easter!