Monday, April 29, 2013

Know these books?

 I think that Rose Macaulay must have known me!  SO true.

And with that in mind, does anyone know anything about these particular books?  My alternate independent bookseller had them on display and they looked interesting, but I didn't have time to look for reviews and didn't have the cash to just buy them all!

 I think the 10 rules might need a blog post of their own. Of course, I might actually BUY this one and READ it rather than just assume I know what the writer's point was!
 At present I've caught up on all my favorite mystery writer's latest books (maybe not in hard cover, but at least in paperback.)  So I was delighted when I saw several authors who are new to me with LOTS of titles.  I've read other Scandinavian thrillers... but am not vamiliar with Camilla Lackberg.
 Even better was the fact that some of Andrea Camilleri's titles were remaindered, so I can "sample" one at a bargain price.
 And what a great conceit... Not quite Babe (a la Dick Smith), but Colonial Pigs... Irish, this time.

 I picked up Wool and read the jacked because I hoped it had to do with sheep.  Looks like it is actually science fiction and perhaps apocalyptic.
Is William Bernstein related to Karl? I'm kinda mad at media right now.
 And I need to think about these recommendations.  I was especially startled at Number 9.
 This looks like a challenging read... but who could resist all that beautiful callligraphy... not to mention the allure of analogy or metaphor!
When in doubt, go with sociopathy and true crime!

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