Friday, March 29, 2013

Hippity Hoppity

The Bunny Approacheth
Since I am apparently immune to the exhortations of Fly Lady and her ilk, I've been cleaning for two days in order to host my children, their children and spouses for Easter.  I finally got to the fun par.
Above are two bunnies I've been with for 50+ years.  Egad.  The Tin Bunny and cart is listed under "vintage" on eBay.  I guess I am vintage, too.

The "ornament tree" is new today from Pier One. Some of the ornaments themselves are from  my college days, some from early marriage and the children were little, some from later when I was single, and  some from darling hubby.
 The mantle has its own tableau.  East German Blumenkinder, some bunnies and an angel with her lamb.  The larger teal bunny is made from cornhusks.

Now... if I can just get the lamb roasted "right" and the lamb cake frosted, we'll be in great shape.

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