Friday, March 08, 2013

More Snow (LOTS !) and a Cat(!!!)

Today's snow arrived with less fanfare than it deserved.  Granted, Wednesday night when I was in Newburyport, it was sleeting something fierce, and they predicted more snow Thursday, they were talking about "a couple of inches of slush."
I'd say we had at least 10 inches of snow.  Perhaps ours isn't AS wet and heavy as some places, and it IS warm enough that we have icicles (which can't decide whether to form, melt or drip) but the plowman definitely had plenty to do..
 I would not have thought such tiny peaked roofs could hold this depth of snow. Even the suet feeder had about 5 inches for a while. 
 The porch is like a bulwark against winter.
 The Juncos had a feeding frenzy and lowered the seed level by 2+ inches just this morning.
 I think they might also have been doing a "soft shoe" or cha cha on their dance floor.
 I guess if we still have our lights up, I shouldn't complain that the trees look like Christmas.
 Deeper than deep.
 Apparently two of these posts are less dumb than the others, since 6 of the dunce caps are much taller.
 Before this round of snow was in the air, I discovered a visitor on the BACK porch.
 Implacable.  Unperturbed.
 And is either eating birds, squirrels or has a happy home up the road somewhere.

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