Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catching up: 2 Galleries and Mother--Daughter Lunch

 Tuesday, after my art lesson/class, I had the opportunity to look at the Newburyport Art Association's exhibit of "Budding Artists."  There was a wonderful variety of styles, subjects, techniques and wide range of skills and skill levels.  I was particularly taken by the white puppy above.  He was primitive in some ways, yet had SO much emotion.  My personal favorite!

This morning, my daughter invited me to meet her for a meal and knitting.  As we live a fair ways apart I recommended that we go to Samuel's, the restaurant on the Philips Andover Campus.  The ambiance was beautiful as always; and service impeccable.  Several of the other parties appeared to-the-manor born, but we had a wonderful happy time being ourselves!

 This is a house I'd been meaning to sketch or photograph.  Odd how the camera removed most of the violet hues.  But I liked the contrasting lights and darks.

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