Monday, January 21, 2013

The early bird... gets a shot

My new PCP says I don't have any hepatitis antibodies, so I'm getting the series of three inoculations, to keep from getting it OR carrying and spreading it. This morning was #2 and early enough that I left DH in bed while I had a mini adventure.  I was in and out of the MD's office in a flash, and took a wandering way home.
I found the "back" side of Pattens Pond in Amesbury.  The colors of the woods, ice, pond and houses were SO nearly black and white, that it reminded me of Pieter Bruegel the Elder's paintings in the Netherlands. I doubt he ever got to Massachusetts!  But considering that I had kind of expected "winter" to look the same everywhere, I was surprised at how much this WAS true about Massachusetts and the low countries.  Gray, gray, gray with not much color, and black and blacker for contrast.
It has been getting more and more "just gray" all afternoon.  They predicted that snow might start to fall at 4 pm.  Which was 4 minutes ago.  Don't see any yet!
 Whenever I've gone to my PCP, this little bakery on a corner has had lots of cars in front of it.  Turns out they have a few tables where you can have cake or cookies and coffee (unless you prefer bagels), as well as a very long bakery counter.  I saw commercially baked pizzelles, in-house baked biscotti, sesame cookies and spritz cookies.  I don't know whether I am sad or proud that I didn't buy any.

 In Merrimac, MA there is a place called Purple Sage Gallery.  Not only is the potter represented throughout New England, but there is a studio with local AND national teachers. My GPS said they were open 10-6... but I don't think it figured in MLK day.  There was a note on the door giving the phone number and saying to "call downstairs" if you wanted to browse "by chance" rather than by regular hours or appointment.  I called, but Mr. and Mrs. Purple Sage were just leaving on an errand.  I told them it looked worth coming back another time.  Besides, I'm considering sacrificing a year's worth of manicures and making pots.  Again.  Don't you love the blue lamp?

 I stopped by Goudreault Farm to see what it is like in the winter.  I believe they thought they were closed as I didn't see a soul, in spite of 5 or 6 cars.  The door was unlocked, so I went in.  They have some new signed I enjoyed as well as the big Victorian plant stand below.
I'm thinking they're hoping someone can re-paint some of the buildings once the weather warms up.

I had breakfast in Amesbury at The Morning Buzz.  I had some doubts after reading the Yelp Reviews.  Does anybody else think Yelp Reviewers are sour-pusses?
Since it was MLK day and the President's second Inauguration, there were lots of families who were enjoying the holiday who went out for breakfast.  I was especially enchanted by two sets of parents with infants.  One mom was a former community team ice hockey player who definitely planned on getting her 5 month old into skates next year.  Another couple were apparently both school teachers.  Their son (maybe 8 months old) ALSO had red hair.  Maybe there's something in the water!  I sketched them as well as some others.
Watch for the posting of the drawings!

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