Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hallelujah! It fits! (this time)

Yesterday we went to Son's house... to celebrate his wife's birthday, see HRH AND give him his re-knit sweater... Which FITS this time! 
I knit this yarn into a more complicated sweater years ago, when he was still in college in Indiana.  (Mamas gotta keep their boys WARM, you know?)  I knit than one from the same Vogue knitting magazine (Men: special collector's issues), but an elaborately cabled pattern by Fiona Ellis called "Ribbed and Right.") The selection was pre-approved by my son, but the final result just. didn't work.  Arrgh.   I definitely learned the value of understanding the measurements in the pattern AND on the person.  If the pattern has dropped shoulders, it makes the sleeves a LOT shorter.  (have you every tried to shorten sleeves in knitting ... from the "wrong end"? 
My son is still a bit concerned that the new one has "cleavage."  And maybe next time I could make a smaller "V"... but LAST time he said the collarless style was TOO tight in the neck.  Sheesh.
 The proof will be if he WEARS it.  I don't care if he wears it to rake leaves.  It was knit with love and affection and should keep him warm... at least until it begins to pil. C. Parkes says it might.

I really like the broken rib variation, and the length of the ribbing at hip and wrist.
I like the IDEA of the way the front cables go up along the sides of the V neck... in reality, it didn't remain as crisp as I would have liked, and seems structurally weak at the very point of the V.
But, thank you Jane Bunce (designer) for measuring and designing so it fit!

Here are pictures of the "old" chimpanzee sleeved version..

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kath said...

Wow, the cabling in the old sweater is beautiful, but I see what you mean about the arms! I like the new one, has a kind of stylish but rustic feel. Hope he wears it!