Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sights for sore eyes

I finally aroused myself from my under-the-comforter stupor and went out side to see the beauty of this morning's fresh snow fall.  And about two seconds later, along came Jeff's crew to plow our driveway.  I'm not sure which made me happier!

 I'd say we had about 4 inches by noon.  There were occasional "snow showers" later, but I think we'll only have what stays frozen for the rest of the week:  IF the weather forecast is correct.

I'm hoping that whatever gorged itself on the previous suet pack in our feeder is sleeping it off and that the birds will have a chance at this one.

Funny how the theory of complimentary colors works.  The evergreens really DO make the reddish leaves redder, even though the overwhelming impression is of dark and light:  almost black and white.
 The plow man acted like he enjoys his job; revving the engine, spinning his tires, lowering the blade either to push (when moving forward), or pull (when in reverse) the snow to just the right place. 
 One of the first big pushes.
 Pulling the snow away from the West side of the driveway so he could angle the blade and push it "over the edge" on the next run.
 Our front bannister.
Abstracted and artified.

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