Monday, January 14, 2013

Hungry Critters or Woodsy Mischief?

Something had a wild might Saturday night. Sunday morning we discovered that our combined suet/seed feeder had been vanquished and felled.  I had, sadly, seen squirrels spring sprightly from fence post to the top of the baffle to the top of the suet feeder, pause and either try to eat suet, or jump to the top of the seed feeder and reach down for a paw full of hulled sunflower seeds and peanuts.  Hmph.
The feeder had been twisted into the ground, AND it had a four-way brace to keep it from tipping.  So I think it was more than a squirrel that felled the feeder.
And I'm thinking the same critter may have cracked our frozen white pumpkins (which were pretty pathetic by now, anyway, and eaten and re-distributed the pumpkin seeds on the lichen covered rocks by our mailbox.
This shot shows what little snow is left by the side of the drive way.  The grass underneath is still (?) green, and in real life the snow actually sparkled a little.  Hard for me to figure out how to capture it digitally.

I wrestled the feeder back to a vertical position.  It was late in the afternoon, so I decided to wait until tomorrow to re-fill the suet feeder and restock the seeds. What's your best guess on a) what sort of critter it was and b) how long the feeder will remain upright?
It's so exciting to live "in the woods."

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